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Volume 10, Number 1
23 September 2003

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As a fourth year student, I attended Bilkent's orientation days last week for two reasonable motivations. However, one of these reasons makes less sense than the other as you go deeper. The first one is because I was a part of the orientation staff to show attention to the newcomers. Not equally proud, the second one is I haven't completed my own orientation course, in three long years! I will graduate this year, but I'm not oriented to university life! At least technically not.
I was speaking to one of the freshmen on the first day, and he said he planned to finish his orientation in two days, and go back to his hometown for a few days of extra holiday. Wow! "Finish it in two days"? Good for him, it took my three years! I came earlier this semester for this, but he goes home earlier! I really admire young people.
Like it wasn't shameful enough to be a terrible example to the fresh and beautiful minds, the administration decided to make GE 100 a one-credit course suddenly, taking away the best years of my youth. I even received a letter from our administration, giving me a late summer surprise: that I'm at the verge of failing from orientation! Then it struck to my head: I should stop seeking for different ways of orienting! There are regular ways for it.
I'm being too aggressive, I admit it, but I have my reasons for it. All seniors like me carry the nervousness of the idea of leaving university at the end of this year. Not only because we actually enjoyed being here or years have passed so fast; but for the rest of our lives will not prepare an orientation program to welcome us. We have to get used to it by ourselves, trying to ignore the thought that we may all be alone.
The other day, I checked out a book from the library according to the list e-mailed to me. So I registered that I am able to use the library and the Internet services after three years! As you read these lines, I have either finished all the requirements of my honorable duty of orientation, or I will keep on writing in Bilkent News next year as well!

Efe Peker (POLS/IV)

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