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Volume 10, Number 17
24 February 2004

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From Mars to Venus
In an experiment that took place at Florida University, a very handsome guy and an extremely beautiful girl were selected, and cameras were hidden in their coats. Their task was to talk to anyone on the campus of the opposite sex, and with an appealing attitude, tell the person that they find her/him very attractive. Afterwards, they should ask: 'would you like to sleep with me tonight?' The funny thing was, with the hidden camera, you could watch how the students reacted to this indecent proposal, and have a chance to compare the masculine and feminine reactions.
The results were really stunning. All the girls smiled very excitedly when this handsome guy approached them and expressed their “picking up” lines. However, none of them accepted the direct final proposal made by him. None of them slapped the guy in the face, though, which should be a plus. That made me wonder how that would work in Turkey. Any suggestions? I suppose you would either be hit by the girl with a purse (in the Bilkent case), beaten by her big brother (in any case), or get shot in the heels by her father (in an unlucky case).
Back to the experiment, the guys on the other hand were really enthusiastic about this situation! Not one of them rejected the girl. Except that one of the guys tried to postpone it by saying “I’ve got to study for finals tonight, can we do it tomorrow night?” Can you believe that? This is exactly what we, guys, are about. We could be dying for something or someone, but we still can act cool (or we sometimes just cannot sort out our priorities!). The good thing is we are immune to anything we are accused of, because we have the 'nature argument' on our side.
That is, according to psychology, the subconscious of men is fueled by the motivation to spread their seeds to as many eggs as possible, so that they can somehow make it through the following generations. This is in fact what we live for beyond our conscious thoughts, but civilization makes things harder for us! Also, it is not a coincidence for our minds to be temporarily locked when we recognize a 90-60-90 woman body; because again according to psychology, it has been proven that the ratio between those figures define the highest ability for giving birth in a woman (although she might not be aware of this). In fact we are not directly aware, either, but we like the idea anyway!
“Stranger in the night, exchanging glances. / AIDS in the morning, what are the chances?”

Efe Peker (POLS/IV)

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