Volume 10, Number 17
24 February 2004

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5th Turkish Universities Student Council Congress Meets at Bilkent

Last week, from the 20th to the 22nd of February, the Bilkent University Student Council hosted Student Council representatives from 75 universities in Turkey, for the 5th Turkish Universities Student Council Congress.
During the Congress, guest speakers addressed the students about current trends in education and student's roles within the University. On the second day, the major topic for discussion was higher education models in various countries.
At the end of the Congress, 7 universities were chosen as the high commission of the Turkish Universities by the votes of the student council representatives, namely Dumlupınar University, Erciyes University, Gazi University, İnönü University, İstanbul University, Karadeniz Teknik University, Sakarya University.

Graduation Ceremony Scheduled June 15

Graduation Ceremonies for Bilkent University undergraduate and graduate students have been set for Tuesday, June 15 at the Bilkent ODEON. Ceremony and rehearsal times for each faculty & school will be announced soon.

Also in this issue:

Bilkent Professor Wins SOKI International Award

Assist. Prof. Marek Brozozowski, instructor in FADA, Graphic Design Department, has won the gold statue in the SOKI (Society of Korea Illusart) International Illustration Cyber Net Competition, in a field of 500 competitors. ,
SOKI International Illustration Cyber Net Competition 2003 is the most prestigious annual competition held by the Society of Korea Illusart. This is the fourteenth time that the artist, Marek Brozozowski has won first place. Prof. Brozozowski has been at Bilkent University for the last ten years.

Thinking About Your Career?

Bilkent Career Days, launching on March 8, 2004 is a great chance to start building the future that is out there waiting for you. So mark the dates between March 8 and May 15 on your calendar, to pick and choose the events you would like to participate in.
Why attend Bilkent Career Days?
If you have ever thought of any of the following, Bilkent Career Days is just for you:

  • I don’t know what I want to do after graduation, and want to know my options
  • I know what I want to do, but I don’t know how to get there
  • How can I write an effective CV and what are the best ways of job seeking?
  • I want to learn much more about the realities of business life
  • I want to know how people achieve their goals and success
    Career Days will start on March 8 with Metin Uca speaking on “How shouldn’t a career be?”. Other Guest Speakers, Sector Presentation Meetings, Personal Development Workshops and Sector Education Meetings will follow this speech until the 6th Career Fair on March 11. On March 12, there will be a Case Study by Unilever. Firm Presentation Meetings and Personal Development Workshops will continue until May 15, 2004.
    So, if the above has wetted your appetite, keep up with CDPC (Career Development and Placement Center) news through the Bilkent News, What’s On (University Web Page), CDPC announcements, the Bilkent mail box and Career Bulletins.

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