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Volume 10, Number 17
24 February 2004

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An Interview with CNN International’s Senior Editor Part -II

Bilnews: Can we call all broadcast station staff broadcast journalist? If not, how should we differentiate them?
O.N.: A broadcast journalist is someone who writes the news story for a video. Video hosts your story, so as well as writing; it is working for the pictures at the same time. So after your interview and script are done, it should be processed by editing, graphics… So the secondary work also requires knowledge to understand and choose the right information. As it is a team project, all the contributors to the story are broadcast journalists.
Bilnews: In print journalism, you can store information in a book, but as broadcast journalism is a faster medium, the images flow and all the information can not be achieved on tapes. What should be done to make the information permanent?
O.N.: The future of communication is the Internet. It is developing day by day and even today, we are able to watch videos of the stories from the Internet sites of the news channels. Through the Internet, we share the information, the video and we are able to store huge capacities of multimedia information, so as it will continue to grow, we will be able to get all the broadcast information from the Internet. We will also be able to store them on our personal computers.
Bilnews: What is your last message for the Journalism students from Bilkent University?
O.N.: Journalism is a responsibility and they should take it seriously. Because hundreds, thousands and some times millions of people depend on the information that you are giving. Making a big name, and succeeding in journalism is a big challenge but it is not impossible, so never think there is no room for me and never give up working for your ambitions. Thank you Ms. Nasr…

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