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Volume 10, Number 17
24 February 2004

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Yoga: The Key to Good Health

No one can ignore the fact that nowadays people are imprisoning themselves in cities more and more. In a sense, this isolation tires us and leads us to pursue rather an unhealthy lifestyle. The question is what we should do in order to avoid the stress and its outcomes such as insomnia, restlessness and breakdowns. The answer lies in this eastern philosophy, yoga.
Yoga (means union, sum and combine in Sanskrit) has many branches, each having different approaches and practices. One type that is widely known and applied is “Hatha” Yoga. Like all other yoga types, Hatha Yoga has practical effects on one’s health by means of posture and breathing exercises. For instance, appropriate breathing regulates blood circulation as well as positively affecting the central nervous system. Likewise, posture exercises protects the human body against widely seen disorders such as rheumatism, arthritis and digestive disorders.
Seda Özsoy, Yoga Instructor, invites all students to participate in Hatha Yoga programs which are being offered at 4:40-5:50 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Student Dormitories Sports Hall and at 5:40-6:50 on Tuesdays in the Main Sports Hall. For further information call ext. 3190.

Can Hürcan (IE / II)

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