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Volume 10, Number 17
24 February 2004

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Remember the “BBG” craze? I never thought that people where actually so interested in knowing about somebody else’s life. Wherever I went, people would be talking about who said what and who did what, it was amazing. It was definitely worse than the Brazilian soap operas because it was usually the housewives who watched it, but now everybody is! When BBG finished though, it felt like it never would, there was the first house which we all watched with great curiosity then the second and the third and I think there was a fourth as well. It seemed to me the “competitors” that came later were always after fame a little bit more than the group before. But who can blame them? They know they are being watched by millions so why not use the opportunity to fight and to backstab someone in the house just so your name is repeated several times on talk shows, Televole’s, and even on the news. Hmm.. Just when I thought the reality show craze was over, it’s back again stronger and with more variety this time. Before there was only one reality show, everybody watched that- no variety. But now there are so many to choose from, Popstar, Turkstar, Akademi Türkiye, Biz Evleniyoruz.. It’s kinda like how before there used to be only one channel and everybody would watch that and now there is basically hundreds!
Now I’d like to say that I don’t watch these reality shows buuut I can’t, I had set my mind on it that I wouldn’t, but I found out it was nearly impossible, I wasn’t watching Biz Evleniyoruz but from the conversations going on between my friends I knew there was this girl called Tülin who just wouldn’t be with Caner and kept making him cry (?!!) Why do I know this! Am I the only one who thinks that these reality shows are actually making us veeery stupid, and nosy about other’s lives?
Da dam it’s starting again, this time we are gonna choose Turkeys popstar and Turkstar, ha! Anybody know the difference between the two? I heard that it was the same, only like a second hand copy of it. Biz Evleniyoruz is starting up again as well-yaaahooo. Is tying the knot that easy? Being stuck in a house with people you’ve never met before and then at the end of the two months marrying one of them. If it’s that easy then heck, I want in! And here I was thinking marriage was a holy thing between two people that would love and be with each other for the rest of their lives - soul mates. I didn’t know you could practically order marriages, some people think of everything and make life so easy for us-haha-not!. If you can be a Popstar/Turkstar in a couple of months, find the love of your life in two months, then seriously what do we have to live for? Why should we be trying so hard when these things can be done so simply? So when did you say that the Ankara try outs were? :)

Sibel Muradoðlu (ELIT/IV)

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