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Volume 10, Number 2
30 September 2003

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You know how last week I mentioned that there's no excuse for a person not to be busy, busy busy, well guess what- now Iíve got the proof! Yeah, bet you only thought it was a simple article, but thereís more! You might have noticed small stands around campus in the last few weeks, you know what, those stands and the people behind them actually have a good reason for being there, its done because they love you (sniff sniff). Hehe, well that and actually because every year, different clubs backed by the Student Union want fellow students to remember that its never too late to be a part of a club.
Okay so your thinking, ďlike I donít have enough to do with classesĒ, but if you actually think about it, you have heaps of free time to do almost anything. And besides that, who said that clubs take all of your time. Now as a matter of a fact, I know that most clubs meet at the most two times a week, for an hour or two. Shocking right?! And you also know what, the people in the various clubs donít make you do anything that you donít want to!
Now isnít that something you would want to be a part of? You get a great chance to meet heaps of people from different faculties, and believe me, sometimes itís a breath of fresh air to be seeing different faces. Other than meeting new people, being a part of a club is a great way of learning something new. Donít think just because we are all students that we can't teach each other something useful, actually we learn more because we donít feel intimidated by older, professional people. You get a chance to learn and experience more because at the end of the day, if you make a mistake, you wonít be costing anyone millions of dollars (phew for that). Hey, what could be better than that? Free experience, doing new things, meeting new people and something solid to write on your CV! Itís almost a shame not to be apart of even one of the 60 clubs at Bilkent. What else can I say - Go join a club!

Sibel Muradoūlu (ELIT/IV)

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