Volume 10, Number 2
30 September 2003

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Professor Özgüç Receives Award

Prof. Bülent Özgüç, Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, has been presented with the “Order Zaslugi Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej” (Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland) by the Polish Government in recognition of his contribution to cultural and academic relations between Turkey and Poland.
Prof. Özgüç received his “Officer Class” from the Polish Ambassador Andrzej Ananicz. Ananicz said “Prof. Özgüç began his academic relations with the School of Polish Plastic Arts just after becoming the Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at Bilkent. We are proud to present this award for the strong support that he has provided for cultural interactions with the Polish Embassy.”

From the Student Union

Dear Friends,
Another academic year has started. We would like to say, to those who have newly joined us, welcome to Bilkent; and for all those former students, welcome back. It may feel a little odd to be a new student at a big university, but pretty soon you will realize that Bilkent is not just a university but will become a totally new lifestyle for you. As you work hard in your classes, you will be making new friends who will be with you, not only in your academic life, but beyond the university at every stage of your professional career.
The Student Union is here to help you every step of the way, so please feel free to come and meet your Student Union representatives. We are eager to tell you about our projects and we would be more than happy to listen to your suggestions and ideas. Take this opportunity to participate in a rich array of social activities by joining one or more of those clubs which match your areas of interest. Enjoy your time at Bilkent as your learn about life, the world and yourself.
My best wishes to everyone, and good luck!

Sibel Muradoğlu, President

Also in this issue:

Calendar for Student Council Elections

Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Announcement of the Election Calendar

September 30, 2003 (9 a.m.) through October 7, 2003 (4:30 p.m.)
Applications to Departments as Candidates for Class Representation

October 8-10, 2003
Eligibility Checks of Candidates

Monday, October 13, 2003
Announcement of Eligible Candidates for Class Representation

October 14-21, 2003
Election Campaign by Candidates

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
First Round of Elections for Class Representatives

Thursday, October 23, 2003
Second Round of Elections (if results are not obtained in the first round)

Friday, October 24, 2003
Third and Last Round of Elections (if results are not obtained in the second round)

Monday and Tuesday October 27-28, 2003
Election of Department Representatives at Departments Election of Faculty / School Representatives at Faculties/Schools

Friday, October 31, 2003
Election of the University Student Council Executive Committee

  • The new Student Council Regulations and the Application Form for candidacy for class representation are accessible at http://bilkent.edu.tr/konsey

    Faculty Member to Exhibit at the 6th International Biennial of Engraving

    Ilgım Veryeri, an instructor in the Department of Fine Arts, has been selected to exhibit her art work at the “6th International Biennial of Engraving”, in Italy. The exhibition is organized by the Rotary International, in Acqui Terme. Among the 800 participants from various countries, Veryeri’s work was recognized as one of the best pieces.
    Art critic Carlo Adelio Galimberti has this to say about the exhibition: “A biennial of engravers’ art offers the comforting sense of a safe haven in the tumultuous seas of the contemporary art world. I believe it is fair to say that this event has an intense value, in times that celebrate artistic styles and manners, whose poetic scope often lasts no more than a handful of minutes.”
    In October 2003, Veryeri’s art will be part of the American National Collage Society's Annual Exhibit. The jury, artist and art educator Tim Shuckerow, artist and drawing lecturer Christopher Pekoc, artist and photography lecturer Alexander Aiken, selected her collage entitled, “Labor of Love” for the 19th Annual Juried Exhibit. The art piece will be part of the show in Ohio at Case Western Reserve University next month.
    In September 2003, Veryeri also received a purchase prize in printmaking at the State Exhibition on Paintings and Sculptures organized by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Veryeri’s engraving entitled “The Whale” is now part of the permanent art collection of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The exhibition can currently be seen at the Ankara Museum of Paintings and Sculptures.

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