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Volume 10, Number 2
30 September 2003

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Time to Renew Your Bilkent Car Sticker

Starting a new academic year also means renewaling your vehicle stickers. Application for vehicle stickers for the 2003 2004 academic year began on 22 September, 2003. Stickers for the previous academic year will become invalid at the end of October.
The procedure for application is as follows:
1) Clear any Traffic Rules Violation Tickets you have obtained last year
2) Deposit 40 million TL. at the Accounts Office (Engineering Building, Ground Floor)
3) Fill out an application form available at the locations indicated below
4) Attach a copy of your student ID card, driverís license and vehicle registration papers
5) Hand in these documents during working hours to officers on duty at the locations indicated below.
Distribution points for vehicle stickers:
1) Main Campus: FEASS Building, Room Z-51
2) East Campus: BUSEL Building, Security Office
Students issued a vehicle sticker will also be given a copy of the Bilkent University Traffic Regulations. This booklet includes rules and regulations to be followed on campus, together with the details of the Violation Points System. According to this system, failing to stop at pedestrian crossings, speeding or driving dangerously, for example, results in the issuing of high violation points. Stickers belonging to drivers who reach 15 points during the academic year, are suspended and the driver is banned from driving on campus. During the last academic year, 113 drivers had their stickers suspended due to persistent violation of traffic rules. Donít forget that the rules and regulations are for your own safety as well as others. It is up to you to make the roads safer. We wish all students a successful academic year and safety on the roads.

Bilkent University Traffic Committee

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