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Volume 10, Number 2
30 September 2003

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A Sequence of Life
When you turn on your T.V., day or night, it is virtually impossible not to see a Turkish drama series. Some of them are quite good, although some are nothing more than a collection of popular and untalented faces. Last year, the trend was on Eastern fashioned, feudal landlords and their Sicilian-like extended families. I don’t know if we are any luckier now, seeing that this year we’re surrounded by school-themed series, maybe to stress the importance of education. It is impossible to ignore them all, so we had better learn how to choose wisely the ones we opt to watch.
It is widely believed that TV watchers find a bit of themselves in the characters they see on series, - and in other types of dramas - which may be correct, but I find it humorous as well. Who can forget guys dressed up and trying to scowl like Yusuf Mirođlu in high school? Romantic relationships are minimized to what Seymen and Bahar go through, although the only problem is that there are not forty other people in every couples’ homes!
A similarity between a series on TV and your life, is that you never know when either one is going to end or be interrupted. A life may be interrupted by health problems, just like commercial breaks; or financial insufficiencies might surprisingly force the screenplay of a series to an end the following week, like an accident could do to any of us. However, the drastic difference is that screenplays are almost always more exciting than an ordinary life, which answers our basic question: The characters are admired, for they accomplish things that the viewing audience could only dream of doing. However, I believe “inspiration by imitation” is not the answer for originality, at least not in real life.
My suggestion is that you make your own daily drama series out of your own life. Make sure that it's entertaining, exciting and worth watching. Powerful as well, to influence the lives of others around you.

Efe Peker (POLS/IV)

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