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Volume 10, Number 2
30 September 2003

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New International Students at Bilkent

This year at Bilkent we are pleased to have 17 exchange students from the University of California, 2 students from the Associated Colleges of the South, and 2 from the University of Southern Denmark (Odensee). With these new visiting students, we now have 32 new international students studying at Bilkent this semester. The total number of international students at Bilkent has reached 180.
This year’s Orientation Program for exchange and visiting students started on Wednesday, September 10, with a traditional Turkish breakfast followed by a campus orientation. During the Orientation, students attended Turkish courses, visited the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Anýtkabir, the Roman Baths, and the Old City, and attended Workshops especially designed for them. There was also a trip to Istanbul organized by BISC (Bilkent International Student Club) during the past weekend.
Here are some comments from the exchange students about why they chose to come to Turkey:
“I have always wanted to go to Asia for archeological work, especially Turkey, which is very rich and offers the opportunity to go on real digs. This is a great opportunity!”

Jason Warehouse (HART), from San Diego

“Not many people in the U.S. are familiar with Turkey. After doing some background research on Turkey, I discovered that there was a lot to learn in the areas of society/culture, politics, and religion. I am also extremely interested in learning more about Ottoman history! I am looking forward to learning more about Turkey during my stay here.

Sara Hahn (POLS), from San Diego

“Turkish history is very challenging and that’s the most important reason for my choice.”

Ariana Sani (HIST), from UCLA

“I wanted to experience a different culture from Denmark but not far away from my home. After corresponding with Bilkent, the decision was an easy one.”

Karen Husted Dawn (COMD), from Denmark

“I think Turkey is the most important point which connects the Middle East and Europe.”

Camilla Dalsgaard, (POLS), Denmark

The International Center still welcomes all international students (undergraduates and graduates) who have not already reported to the Center. In order to be included in the group-mailing system, they should send an e-mail to: and write ‘subscribe’ as subject in order to be able to receive news and information from the International Center.
We wish them all a pleasant stay and a successful academic year at Bilkent.

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