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Volume 10, Number 22
30 March 2004

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In order to win a free cinema ticket, popcorn and soft drink gift, you should do the following;
1- Find out each circled code in the current issue of Bilnews. (The codes do not form a meaningful word when gathered together and please form the codes in the order of the questions like: 1st question's code is x, 2nd question’s code is y…)
2- Follow 4 consecutive issues of Bilnews and gather each issues codes together
3- Send all the 4 issues codes, neatly, to
4- First 5 students who send us the correct codes will win.

3. The famous portrait “Mona Lisa” of Leonardo da Vinci is being preserved in the _________ Museum in Paris-France
5. Petros _______ is the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” of Greece.
7. _______ is the capital city of Vietnam.
8. __________ is the acronym for the “Molecular Biology and Genetics” Department in our University.
9. ________ antique city, which was an important commercial center in Hellenistic Era, is located in Gaziantep in South-East Region.


1. _______ ________ characterized “Don Vito Corleone” in the first movie of the unforgettable trilogy “The Godfather”.
2. 10-The novel “________ Expectations”, which was adapted to cinema in 1998, was written by Charles ________.
4. _______ ________ Uþaklýgil was the first writer who applied Western Technique to the Turkish novel.
6. The official currency of Japan is the ________.
7. The Greeks hailed _______ as their greatest poet who is famous for the Iliad and The Odysseus.

Atilla Karakurum (IE/III)

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