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Volume 10, Number 23
6 April 2004

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Together anything is possible, nothing is forbidden… This is what the philosophy that Isabelle, Theo and Matthew imposed into their lives. Another movie from Bernardo Bertolucci, “The Dreamers”, based on a story from a memoir by Gilbert Adair.
The leading characters Matthew, and the twins Isabelle and Theo are all fanatics of cinema and meet at the famous cinema library La Cinematheque Francaise in Paris. Since they have the same interests, they grow closer and spend all their days together, isolated from the outside world. When Isabelle and Theo ask Matthew to live with them rather than live in a hotel room, their relationship moves into a different dimension where it is as if everything is a dream and there are no boundaries of the real world.
After living together, they start to learn from each other and find out how far they can go in this extraordinary threesome relationship. At first, Isabelle and Theo seem unusual for a brother and sister; infact they are not. They sleep together, they bath together; they do everything together since they were Siamese twins. I believe that at this point Bertolucci represents the integrity of the twins Isabelle and Theo perfectly. I believe they represent a strong relationship where they need each other, love each other (as brother and sister), and truly understand each other. When Matthew enters into this strong connection, their relationship becomes a sexual discovery of three young students. Together, life for them seems like a world where they can express their feelings freely and do whatever they want, as if on the wide screen. In one scene Matthew says: “I always like to sit in the front seat in the cinema because I believe that this way I would be the person who sees the scene first.” Actually
I believe this represents exactly what I want to say.
Although Matthew knows that images are reflected on the wide screen, he wants to believe that what the screen shows is real. Being alone in a big house, Isabelle, Theo and Matthew's interesting discovery of sexuality leads them into several dilemmas about the life they are correlated with. To be honest, this movie would be a perfect choice for cinema-lovers, a film where each person can learn many things. Everything is associated with so many ideas that it is possible for everyone to find out some original idea different from everyone else behind each scene.


Atilla Karakurum (IE/III)

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