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Volume 10, Number 23
6 April 2004

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The Streets of Ankara

Charles De Gaulle (arl D Gol) (1890-1970)
He was a French general and politician, and President of France in 1945 and from 1959 to 1969. After a distinguished military career, de Gaulle escaped to England after the fall of France (1940) in WWII to become the leader of the Free French and head of the French Committee of National Liberation (1943). His perceived aloofness and arrogance made him a difficult partner for Churchill and Roosevelt. He was elected president but resigned after ten weeks because his proposals for the Fourth Republic were not accepted by the constituent assembly. This was after he had returned to France and had become head of the Provisional Government when France was liberated.
De Gaulle remained in retirement until the fall of the Fourth Republic, when he formed a 'government of national safety' and a constitution for the Fifth Republic (1958). President again in 1959, he ended the Algerian War through by the Evian Agreements (1962). He determined that France should have an independent nuclear restriction, and insisted on the UKs exclusion from the European Economic Community. He withdrew France from NATO and insisted on the removal of NATO installations from the country because of disagreements with the USA. He was forced to make economic concessions in 1968 by serious student unrest over high taxation for military purposes at the expense of education, health and social services (Paris students demonstration). He resigned in 1969 after his proposals for senate and regional reforms were rejected in a referendum. (Collins Gem, Modern History Basic Facts)

Hande Kaya (IR/III)

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