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Volume 10, Number 23
6 April 2004

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I donít know how many of you have ever gone to the Practice Restaurant or even know what it is for that matter, but Iíll tell you something- your missing out on a lot! The Practice Restaurant is situated on East Campus, in the R Building. What is it about? Well, students in the Departments of Tourism and Hotel Management have different classes such as preparing food and serving others, just like in a restaurant; they get graded on the quality of food they make and how they serve the customers- which are us! Hehe, itís fun seeing students wearing waiter's outfits and running around trying their best to please you while their teacher is watching closely - especially if one of the waiters is your friend :)
Every week a different menu is created, which means that you never have to eat the same meal twice! Well, not unless you go twice that week. Itís open everyday between 12 - 2 p.m., and the food? Delicious! Just yesterday I was there and I had forgotten how tasty the food there was, those students in the kitchen really know their stuff. I guess though, if you asked them whether they enjoy it or eat it they would say no as a person would get sick and tired of making and smelling the same food for hours. But itís great fun for us.
I know youíre all thinking that Iím commercializing the restaurant but truly it doesn't need it because it's usually full and you need to make reservations beforehand. Hehe people really know where to find tasty food, donít they. Iím actually going to be going there weekly to have lunch, it will be good to eat somewhere different once in a while, because frankly (no offense to anybody) Iíve been eating the same kinds of food at the same places for four years now and even that can get boring no matter how good the food is.
Now I guess youíre all wondering about the food huh? :P.. the soup was delicious, tomato soup but not the usual creamy kind, you could actually feel the chunks of tomatoes in your mouth which gave it a whole different flavor. In the soup there was a kind of pastry which could get you thinking ugh but ironically enough, the taste of the two blended very well together!
Oh, would you look at that ,Iím out of space, guess you'll have to go and see for yourself :P

Sibel Muradoūlu (ELIT/IV)

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