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Volume 10, Number 24
13 April 2004

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Letter of Intent to Oxford University
Dear friends, this week I have decided to make a contribution to the academic careers of our readers. Here's a sample document of a statement of purpose. Please read it carefully and do your Masterís applications accordingly!
ďDear Oxford,
First of all, how are you? If you ask me I am fine. I like your school very much. I want to come to your school. I took the TOEFL Exam yesterday. My result is 42, in the computer based test, is it nice? In the listening section, my headphone was broken, I couldnít hear. Normally I would get at least 70.

I want to apply for your Electric Engineering Masterís Programme, or International Relations Masterís Programme. You decide according to which is empty, ok? I propose but do not insist.
I am sending you two reference letters. One of them is written by my father. The other is from my kindergarten teacher, who is also my mother.
My GPA is very nice, too: 0.12 out of 4.00. In fact I am even a more hardworking student, but my dog died last year, and that affected me very badly.
I will finish school next month. Our graduation ball is on June 15. Please come if you don't have any job to do. By the way, I donít have any money, either. So, I want a scholarship to cover the tuition fee and for living costs. I wonít come if you donít give me money.
I am coming to your school next week to look around. Please take your precautions.
Also, the British Embassy doesnít give me visa. Can you talk to them?
Sincerely yours,
Efe Peker
PS: I can also apply for the Masterís in Tourism if there is empty space.Ē

Efe Peker (POLS/IV)

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