Volume 10, Number 24
13 April 2004

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FADA and FMPA Cooperate for Bilkent Symphony Orchestra’s Upcoming “Nazım” CD

A competition held amongst the senior class students of the Graphic Design Department came to an end last Tuesday, the 6th of April 2004. A design concept for a new CD recording of Fazıl Say’s “Nazım” oratorio by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra was given as a project to the students of Cengiz Gürer’s graphic design class. Working in groups, the teams produced a total of 6 concepts for the Nazım CD. Each project consisted of sampledesigns for a CD cover and booklet, concert brochure, poster, flyer and program booklet.
The Faculty of Music and Performing Arts chose to open this competition amongst Bilkent Graphic Artists and proposed the idea to the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. The team that won the competition was comprised of Tuna Ertutar, Barış Hasırcı, Ahmet Gökhan Numanoğlu, Verda Eminağ. The Dean of FADA Prof. Özgüç, Acting Dean of FMPA Dr. Metin, Fazıl Say and Cengiz Gürer voted unanimously in favor of the winning project.

Young Critics to Convene for the 5th Time

On April 19-20, the “Young Critics Symposium”, organized annually by the Department of Turkish Literature, will be held for the fifth time at Bilkent University.
The symposium will start at 10 a.m. with opening remarks by Dr. Süha Oğuzertem, member of the faculty of the Department of Turkish Literature. During the symposium 16 graduate students will present papers focusing on various periods in the history of Turkish literature, especially on the genres of the novel, poetry, translation, and humor.
The event will take place at FADA, FFB-05. Sessions on Monday and Tuesday are scheduled between 10 a.m. and noon, and 1:30 - 3.30 p.m.
For program details please see the department’s Internet site (http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/~tebsite) and the university’s “What’s On?” pages. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Also in this issue:

2004-2005 Academic Calendar

14-17 September 2004
Tuesday through Friday

Required Orientation program for all students entering in 2004
20-21 September 2004
Monday - Tuesday

Course Registrations for students entered in 2003 or before
20-21 September 2004 Monday- Tuesday
Required Department Harmony Orientation Program for new first year students and Distribution of Registration / Enrollment Records from Departments
22 September 2004 - Wednesday
Classes Begin
06 October 2004 - Wednesday
Last Day for Adding / Dropping Courses
28 October 2004 - Thursday after 13:00
No Classes
29 October 2004 - Friday / National Holiday
10 November 2004 - Wednesday
Commemoration of Atatürk
15-16 November 2004 Monday-Tuesday
Holidays, no classes
10 December 2004 - Friday
Last Day to Withdraw from Courses
31 December 2004 - Friday
Last Day of Classes
05 January 2005 - Wednesday
Beginning of Final Examinations
14 January 2005 - Friday
End of Semester
17 January 2005 - Monday
Last Day for Submission of Semester Grades

31 January - 01 February 2005 Monday-Tuesday
Course Registrations for all Students
2 February 2005 - Wednesday
Classes Begin
16 February 2005 - Wednesday
Last Day for Adding/Dropping Courses
11-15 April 2005 Monday-Friday
Mid-semester Break
02 May 2005 - Monday
Last Day to Withdraw from Courses
17 May 2005 - Tuesday / Last Day of Classes
18 May 2005 - Wednesday
Beginning of Final Examinations
19 May 2005 - Thursday / National Holiday
27 May 2005 - Friday
End of Academic Year
30 May 2005 - Monday
Last Day for Submission of Semester Grades

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