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Volume 10, Number 24
13 April 2004

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8th Annual Young Chef Competition Held at Bilkent

On Monday April 5, 2004, the School of Applied Technology and Management hosted the 8th annual Chaine des Rotisseurs Young Chef of Turkey competition. This was the second year in a row that the school was chosen to host this prestigious event. This annual competition pitted “comi” and “demi” chefs under 27 years of age from Hotels and Restaurants, which are members of the worldwide Chaine des Rotisseurs, in a hard fought contest. The winner of the competition will be going to Canada in September to take part in the World Young Chef Competition. Also for the second time, a recent Bilkent Graduate Cem Erol (THM/2000), from the Buenos Aires Restaurant, Ankara, was among the competitors.
All competitors receive a mystery basket with identical ingredients. They have 30 minutes to develop and write a menu. They then have to cook this menu in three and a half hours for 4 people. The result is then judged by a panel of judges, 6 professional, and 6 Amateur Gourmets. There is also a Kitchen Judge who checks for the performance of the competitors in the following areas, organization, cleanliness, timing and skills.
All competitors presented wonderful dishes but in the end there has to be a winner. The first place award went to Cevat Tezel from the Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul. Cevat will now represent Turkey in the World finals to be held in September in Banff, Canada. The first runner up was Didem Şenol from Lokanta Restaurant, Istanbul. The second runner up was Ercan Yamantürk from Çırağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul.
At a reception and Gala Dinner prepared by 8 Chefs from different hotels and restaurants located in Ankara, Mr. Atuk İlhan, Bailli Delegue de Turkey, presented Mr. Kamer Rodoplu, Director of the School of Applied Technology and Management, with a plaque in recognition of the contribution to the success of the event. Among the panel of judges which included a representative from the Ambassador of Canada to Turkey, was Chef Henk Kuchlein (a member of the organizing committee), and Yener Ergüven, from the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management.

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