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Volume 10, Number 24
13 April 2004

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How fast time flies by amazes me every single time I think about it.. I can still remember (you know how grannies tell stories..hehe) the first day I came to Bilkent, I thought time was never going to pass, and graduating seemed so faaar away that I thought that I had years and years in front of me, to do as I pleased. Then slowly I was given a program, met my instructors and my new best friends to be, that I would share so many good memories with.. then without realizing it, the first year ended.. What do I remember of my first year, well it was the year that I really got to know myself.. for the first time in my life I was totally free and I got to make every decision and had to face all the consequences whether good or bad.
The second year was a bit better; I was still at the beginning of my university career so I actually didn't realize that I was a year closer to graduation. Being a second year student is always much more fun than a first because you get to see the new comers and you feel proud that you're not like them anymore because “you know” the basic things of this new life.. Like where to eat, where to go and hang out, what’s this May Fest everyone is talking about.. You feel a step higher than them.. and I bet we’ve all thought to ourselves “did I look like that?" because we only realize later that new comers act and look differently. At the end of your second year, your friendship groups slowly start to become=).
The third year was the year I didn't really understand how it went by, for every single department, the third year is the year when your studies are the hardest because you are given the actual classes in your major that are required by whichever department you're in. On one hand, you're struggling with classes, on the other, you are either watching friends get ready for graduation or you are already starting to feel alone because the people you knew at school are rapidly being reduced in numbers. For some reason everything is getting much more complicated and you start getting a sense that it is actually ending..
Now the fourth year! I must admit this is the best year because you have the most fun, as you know that this may be the last. So it's like your first year only with much more knowledge and hopefully maturity..every minute is enjoyable and I truly wish that it wouldn't end..Thanks to everyone who has made these years so pleasurable to remember..=)

Sibel Muradođlu (ELIT/IV)

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