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Volume 10, Number 28
11 May 2004

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Days of our lives
Three independent columnists, a popular newspaper and an enjoyable year… It was about 1.5 years ago when this was started. A crazy, doubtlessly beautiful, pop-eyed girl started her new writing career at the Bilkent News. Her name was Sibel (Siby). A few months later, a second member of the team started his career. He was the tallest and the funniest of them all. Moreover, he was a charismatic young man named Efe. Both Efe and Siby were writing about different subjects where their contribution (ideas, beliefs...) were interesting enough to become popular throughout the university. They were the creators of the collection of "Student Columns" in the Bilkent News.
And finally, last October, the third member of the team started his career via reviewing the movies he saw. He was the hyper active and hysterically laughing member named Atilla (me :-)) and he became the last official member of the Student Columns page.
As time passed, these independent students get to know each other more and more. They laughed together, they went out together, they annoyed each other with ridicule and much more that I won't go into here. Most of the time, they worked hard in order to let you find something of yourself in each column, to acquaint all with their ideas. Shortly, we did this together both for ourselves and for the readers. We believed that our friendship and the contribution we made to the "Bilkent News Family" was something that was being searched for, for a long. We believed, most of you felt our cordiality (hopefully).
Unfortunately, like everything, this has an end too. If you think about graduation as a beginning of another life, for Efe and Sibel, another life filled with surprises (hopefully) will begin after the 06/15/2004 (Graduation Ceremony). Whereas, although I believe the spirit we shared on this page will last forever, this is the last time you are seeing us writing on the same page. I am glad to have shared more than this page with them. The moments I shared with Efe and Sibel in the Bilkent Communication Unit are incomparable.
PS: From now on, finally, this page is mine!!! God! It is really hard to lie about goodbye stuff... Haha…Alright, alright! Just kidding!

Atilla Karakurum (IE/III)

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