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Volume 10, Number 28
11 May 2004

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Cyberpark Innovative Project Competition Award Ceremony Held

The first Ankara Cyberpark and Bilkent University Innovative Project Competition students receiving awards.
The first prize of $1500 went to the winning team, Smart Shopping Systems, whose members included; Emre Alptekin, Özgür Balaban, Beste Özatay, Burak Özgirgin and Burcu Tamgaç. Their project was focused on an innovative advertising system which informs customers at a supermarket through an integrated-display supermarket shopping cart. The shopping cart receives information through a wireless LAN and displays ads about nearby stands.
The second prize of $1000 was awarded to the project STOP-Save Time On Parking, whose members were; Eren Akkan, Gökçe Ataç, Kaan Aykaç and Nazlı Çağlayan. Their project focused on a smart car parking system to be used by large car park owners.
A team of students who were working on a web site which translates English web sites into Turkish received the third place prize of $500. This team included Yasin Akçelik, Hande Araz, Özge Avcıoğlu, Seher Demirel, Sinan Ketencioğlu and Onur Oktay.
Last but not least, Local area Video and Order Network via the Bluetooth project prepared by Ahmet Ermeydan, Hüseyin Demir and Yenel Yıldırım, received an Honorable Mention worth $250.

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