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Volume 10, Number 28
11 May 2004

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Every Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, for the last year and a half, Iíve been writing my column. Sometimes it was really fun and I enjoyed every minute very much because I had the chance to write about what I was thinking and to share it with such a large audience. Of course, sometimes it was hard as well because I would be walking around in the middle of the night asking everybody for a subject to write about. Hey itís hard work finding something new and interesting to write about every week! How successful I have been throughout all this time is up to you, personally I think some of my writings were good and some were actually bad (yeah letís face the truth, I have a few bad days- Iím only human!).
Now, I canít believe it, the day that Iíve been dreading as well as waiting for has finally come- my last article for the Bilkent news as "Popeyed" which sadly also means that my student life is ending at Bilkent. hmm.. now just to clear up everything because I know Efe is probably going to say something like Sibel was kicked out because she handed in her columns late and drove Hande and Doug crazy (like he did any better!). Iím graduating. Yes Efe, don't go spreading rumors because everybody knows you =P
I was thinking about Efe, Atilla and me, and I can imagine all three of us in another ten years time. Efe will probably be the top writer for a paparazzi magazine, because he is so good at making up things and writing them so believably that even he has to think twice =P as a part time job he will be making cheap movies, or more like stealing a students home made video then claiming it as his own then sending them to home made movie contests. =). Atilla on the other hand, will probably be at the movies watching a movie, and at the end of every movie, reporters will be waiting for Atillaís critiques about the movie. He will be the intellectual type, black glasses, moustache the whole make-over =) If Atilla isnít at the movies then you will be able to find him sitting in a corner stretching his legs and watching old series of "Friends", while sipping his tea and eating a huge cookie =) you can probably find me sitting next to him munching my chocolate cookie too =)
What will I be doing in ten years? Well thatís a secret, actually Iíll give you a clue- I heard there's going to be a series of new tryouts for supergirl!
Hey, I think I might go save the world! =) Take care! And thanks for the laughs!

Sibel Muradoūlu (ELIT/IV)

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