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Volume 10, Number 6
28 October 2003

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Bilkent Etiquette-III: How to Dress for Success

As I promised last week, here I am with all you need to know on how to dress for success. Oh, no no no; I don’t mean suit and tie with ballroom shoes for men, and two-piece dresses and high heels for women, not at all!
Neither am I one of those conservative minded, Margaret Thatcher type of style freaks, or a dinosaur that thinks Coco Channel was the only fashion guru in the world. My rules for how to dress for success are good for the young and pretty and the restless that dwell on university campuses as you all do. The word ‘etiquette’ for campus attire should not scare you off at all; it is by no means designed to make life any more difficult for you than it already is; on the contrary, my etiquette will put you at ease when it comes to getting ready for school in the morning, guaranteed! Here we go:

  • A shower a day keeps you alert and energetic all day
  • Do not waste too much time and money on clothes; spend them for your studies instead
  • Do not fall victim to logos; ‘clean’ is the key word; if it is clean anything goes
  • Too much of anything is bad for anyone: too much perfume and after-shave too
  • No head covers of any kind in the classrooms please: baseball caps, hats, head scarves; you can’t hear or see properly, plus it is a distraction for others as well; try not to attract negative attention with something on your head. Express yourselves with what is in your head, not with what is on it.
  • Save bare shoulders for your graduation ball gown, they are not appropriate for classrooms
  • I know you are independent and your umbilical cord is already cut off from your mother, but you don’t have to show it off to the world on campus! Try a bikini as your swim wear next summer, that’s the best way to display your belly button.
  • Avoid beachwear on campus; I mean those short skirts, strapless tops, and revealing shirts, and see-throughs; you are not here to display your body but your brain
  • Prove that you are here at the university for success not for a beauty pageant show
  • Finally, do not forget to wear a smile as you leave for school; positive attitude is the most fashionable accessory as you dress for success
    If you follow all of the above, success is guaranteed; if you miss more than two, maybe you are at the wrong place for the wrong reasons. Think about it!

    Dr. Well Behavior for Everyone

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