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Volume 10, Number 8
11 November 2003

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Graduate Exhibits at the First Biennial of European Art Students

Asiye Kayıkçı, who graduated last semester from the Department of Fine Arts, has recently been invited to exhibit her work at the First Biennial of European Art Students in Rome. This is an event of images with publications, conferences and works of art, encouraged by the need to bring together the different worlds of education throughout Europe.
The initiative has developed into an experience of intense dialogue, in the search for a constructive dimension that will become a network of extended relationships at geographical, historical and expressive levels. The development of the project is already in itself, an indication of the approach of the initiative towards dynamic cultural proposals on the tide of continually evolving ideas. Another characteristic of this initiative is the search for forms that contribute to make the hybrid vitality of art and contemporary culture evermore widespread without reducing its autonomy and complexity. The presence of so many student “artists” is the result of the will to cross the frontiers of today’s art, without ideological prejudices, in pursuit of a “pluriverse” reinforced and brought to life by the contradictory nature inherent in the artists’ work itself. Kayıkçı’s work was selected by the Artistic Committee of the Biennial and it will also compete in the category of photographic installations, among the works of the students from Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greek, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain.
The opening ceremony for the event took place in the Porticato del Cortile degli Aranci del Complesso Monumentale del S. Michele on October 17.

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