Volume 10, Number 8
11 November 2003

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Atatürk Commemorated at Anıtkabir

Monday November 10, 2003, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gürer Aykal

The New Student Council Hands Over Responsibilities

Ekrem Kerem Oktay and Sibel Muradoğlu

The new Executive Committee of the Student Council, took office on Thursday, November 6 with a ceremony held at the Student Council Building, where the former Executive Committee members handed over their responsibilities to the newly elected members.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish the newly elected members an exciting and productive year.

Also in this issue:

Men’s Basketball Team Wins at

The first match of the Ayva Tournament at Bilkent was played on November 5 at the Main Campus Sports Hall. The Bilkent men’s basketball team played against METU and the game ended up with the victory going to Bilkent by the score of 65-57.
Here are the Bilkent men’s team players:
Number 4: Volkan Çetinırmak (IR/II)
Number 5: Irmak Emekdaş (EE/I)
Number 6: Meriç Osman (ECON/I)
Number 7: İsa Çakar (MAN/PREP)
Number 8: Serter Soner (MAN/PREP)
Number 9: Osman Sezener (THM/III)
Number 10: Ahmet Ünal (CS/I)
Number 11: Akın Ayan (IR/PREP)
Number 12: Emre Doğruyol (MAN/III)
Number 13: Bora İkiler (LAW/II)
Number 14: Can Soylu (MAN/IV)
Number 15: Esef Işık (COMD/IV)
Coach: Kağan Eynak
Assistant Coach: Kuntay Velioğlu
The Bilkent-METU women’s game ended by the score of 63-41 with the victory going to the METU team.

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