Volume 11, Number 10
23 November 2004

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A Pleasant Surprise from the Physical Education and Sports Center

The Physical Education and Sports Center recently gave three Bilkent students a pleasant surprise. The three students who were found to have used the Student Dormitories Sports Center the most times each received a gift. Bilkent News interviewed these three devoted athletes to find out what motivates them to keep up with their fitness routines, and what they think about the sports center.

Eda Yaman (Graduate School of Education):

eda.jpg (9639 bytes)

I believe the Student Dormitories Sports Hall is one of the great benefits that Bilkent University offers. I'm an M.A. student, and I can hardly find any time to spare for myself. The time I spend at the center is the only opportunity I have to forget my heavy schedule and reinvigorate myself so that I can handle my workload.  I know that most students in all departments at Bilkent have similar workloads. However, I don't think that sparing an hour or an hour and a half a day for sports is a big deal. You don't waste your time by keeping fit. On the contrary, you get stronger and better able to cope with your academic work. This is my last year here, and I know that one of the things I'll miss is the chance to use a sports facility like this one. My advice is, don't hesitate to take advantage of an opportunity like this!

Ahmetcan Yakar (MAN/I):

ahmetcanyakar.jpg (14717 bytes)

This is a superb sports center. The equipment is far better than that available in other sport centers I've been to. The only thing lacking is a swimming pool. Apart from that, you can find anything you might want. I do body building at least four days a week, and it’s a great source of motivation and happiness for me to have good training facilities. Also, the trainers here ensure that no one trains incorrectly, so it’s also a safe place to work out. The center is clean, and you can meet nice people from our school there. Self-confidence and endurance, as well as enjoyment, are some of the benefits you can get by taking advantage of this opportunity.

Yaşar Eren (CS/I):

yasareren.jpg (9822 bytes)

I usually play basketball, and I love playing it. I try to exercise whenever I have any free time. Being able to use a sports facility like this one is a great opportunity for me.

Emre Kırtunç (COMD/IV)

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