Volume 11, Number 10
23 November 2004

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R.E.M. Special Weekend on Radio Bilkent

This week, Radio Bilkent's Special Weekend program will feature a music group that has millions of fans around the world: R.E.M. After the popularity of punk and hard rock in the 80's, R.E.M. brought guitar-based pop back to the top of the lists. It isn't Michael Stipe's vocals alone that has made the group a success. What's so special about R.E.M.? This weekend you can find out by listening to their tunes on your favorite radio station, 96.6 Radio Bilkent.

If you listen to the upcoming R.E.M. Special Weekend, sponsored by Balet Music, you'll have a chance to win R.E.M. CDs and special gifts. Keep listening to 96.6 Radio Bilkent!

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