Volume 11, Number 11
30 November 2004

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Cyberpark Tour Notes

Last Thursday, November 25, the IEEE Student Branch took a tour of Cyberpark, the technology center located adjacent to Bilkent.

Özgür Şar, a business development specialist at Cyberpark, spoke to our group about the opportunities and benefits this technology center offers.

Cyberpark is one of the first technoparks established in Turkey in accordance with the technopark law. Under the law, new companies in this area of business are exempt from the corporate tax. In addition, companies that make contributions to the development of technology are exempt from income taxes.

Cyberpark provides an economical way for a young entrepreneur to start a company. However, there are both experienced and newly established companies operating at this technopark. The experienced companies are able to benefit from the income tax exemption, while the new ones benefit from the advantages offered by Cyberpark’s incubator center. The center provides secretarial and accounting services to these young companies, so that their own employees can focus on technological work.
It also rents office space to them at very low charges, ranging from zero to three dollars per square meter depending on the nature of the company's projects. Entrepreneurs interested in finding a business home at Cyberpark can apply to the incubator center through the Cyberpark web page.

At present there are 87 businesses operating at Cyberpark. Nearly 90 percent of them are software companies, but there are also a few companies that work in the defense and electronics industries.

The Cyberpark companies and Bilkent University have a cooperative relationship.
A system called the Cyberpark Synergy Platform will be available at the beginning of 2005. Through this system, students and graduates, in particular those from Bilkent, will be able to submit their CVs to apply for part-time or full-time jobs or summer internships at Cyberpark. In addition, the system will also allow Cyberpark businesses to post job openings. This will provide an efficient way for employers and potential employees and interns to exchange information.

By providing all of these services and benefits, and offering advantageous conditions for young entrepreneurs in particular, Cyberpark is making an innovative contribution to the development of technology in Turkey.


Prepared by the IEEE Bilkent Student Branch

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