Volume 11, Number 11      30 November 2004

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Bilkent Men Defeat Başkent, 86-72, and Hacettepe, 75-68

The Bilkent men's basketball team chalked up two more victories in a single week of Ayva Cup Tournament play. In their game against Başkent University on November 23, played at the Ayşe Abla College Sports Hall, they won by a score of 86-72.
On November 25 the Bilkent men prevailed over Hacettepe University, 75-68, to remain undefeated this season.
Bilkent scored the first points in the matchup with Başkent, and held the lead in the opening period. They continued their strong offensive performance in the second period and left the court at half time ahead by a score of 42-35.
In the second half, Bilkent kept up the pressure on their opponents, maintaining their lead for an 86-72 victory. The game's top scorers were Serter (20 points), Emrecan (19 points), Deniz (15 points), Irmak (13 points), and Meriç (8 points).
In the game against Hacettepe, the Bilkent men continued strong in both defensive and offensive play to gain their 75-68 win. Serter (27 points), Emrecan (22 points), Deniz (9 points), and Burak (7 points) were Bilkent's top scorers in this game.
The Bilkent women, who also played on November 25, unfortunately did not fare as well. They went down to defeat by a score of 78-36 at the hands of a very strong Hacettepe women's team.
We congratulate all of our players on their efforts, and wish both of our teams success in their upcoming games against METU!

Software Quest Winners

DSCN4539.jpg (13122 bytes)

Hundreds of visitors braved snow and freezing temperatures to browse the projects exhibited at the 8th Annual Software Quest contest last Monday, November 22. Competitors from as far afield as Hakkari showed off their creations, ranging from iFace, a real-time video morphing program, through games for the latest hi-tech cell phones, to SurprisingCuts, a computer version of the paper-folding and cutting- game played by children everywhere.
Not surprisingly, the judges had a hard time choosing the winners. Overall first place went to Engin Özdemir, whose Cemre Operating System included a number of interesting innovations. Second place went to Emre Candan and Tuncay Uzun's walking robots project, and third place to Bilkent Hazırlık student Tunay Gür's animonster. Winners in the various categories were: Çağrı Aksay, Mert Akdere (Best Game); Sarp Arda Coşkun (Best .NET project); Onur Küçüktunç, Abdullah Bülbül, Eren Algan and Kadir Aytaç Aksu, Ethem Fatih Can, Hakan Gümürdülü, Levent Atan, Bilgün Yıldırım (Best CS102 project); Yenel Yıldırım, Süleyman Kardas (Best Mobile); Musa Atas (Best Web Database); M. Onur Ozorhan (Best Network). The Visitors' Choice award went to Ozan Gümüş.

100B0547.jpg (175007 bytes)

The students were able to participate in a friendly competition and had a good chance to "go public" with their projects. Bilkent News spoke with Onur Vural (CS III), who had this to say about the experience: "This Software Quest is actually what all young inventors want. It gives us the chance to get feedback from our teachers, professionals from the computing industry, and our friends. You also get to learn about the interests of other participants and network with people who are interested in working in similar areas. Visitors are also able to get inspiration from our ideas. My project, which is called "Pacman The Reckoning," shows how many new ideas can be added to the simple Pacman concept. It will develop further with each useful piece of feedback I receive."
Bilkent looks forward to the next Software Quest, and hopes to attract even more participants to display their projects.
(P.S.: It's time to start working on projects for next year's Software Quest!)

(Emre Kırtunç COMD/IV)

Also in this issue:

BSO to Perform
All-Russian Concert with İdil Biret as Soloist

On Saturday, December 4 at 8 p.m. the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, with conductor Emil Tabakov and pianist İdil Biret, will be on stage in the Bilkent Concert Hall. The program will feature Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 in
B flat minor and Borodin's Symphony No. 2 in B minor, "In the Steppes of Central Asia."

İdil Biret started her musical life very early in childhood, when it was discovered that she had the ability to play every song she heard. Her talent continued to attract notice, and later on the Turkish government offered her the opportunity to study in France. Today, Idil Biret is a well-known pianist both in Turkey and in Europe.

For ticket information please call ext. 1775.

Database for Senior Student CVs

The Career Development Placement Center's CV Database Project is underway for senior students who will graduate in 2005. You can now enter information into the system in order for your CV to be included in the project. Even before you graduate, your CV will be sent to leading companies and institutions and placed on the internet for inquiries.
The system for CV entries for the 2005 CV Web Project is open as of November 2004. Please note that:
-you can use http://cv.bilkent.edu.tr and your STARS password for your entries,
-you can get directions on how to fill in your information at http://cv.bilkent.edu.tr/help/MAIN.html printed Turkish and English versions of your CVs together with two photographs will be collected on the following dates at the labs indicated below.
All departments: December 20-23, Main Campus, G Building, Lab-5, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
THM-THS-CTIS-BIM-ETS: December 21-23,
East Campus, Tourism Building, Lab-B, from 12:40 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
For further information, please call the Career Development Placement Center at ext. 2958 and 2486, or e-mail your questions to cvinfo@bilkent.edu.tr


Winter's Here

It's only the end of November, but winter is already here! Don't be surprised if you wake up to a knee-deep snowfall one of these mornings. If this happens on a weekday, don't just stay in bed! Instead, turn the radio on and tune in to Radio Bilkent 96.6 FM, or check the Bilkent website at www.bilkent.edu.tr, to find out if classes have been postponed or cancelled. You can also contact the Bilkent central switchboard at 290-4000. Occasionally when there is a heavy snowfall, morning classes are cancelled.
Bilkent drivers are strongly advised to winterize their cars and to get chains and/or snow tires for their vehicles if they do not already have them.














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