Volume 11, Number 11
30 November 2004

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Isometric Training

Fitness Tips

By Dr. Alper Uğraş
Physical Education and Sports Center

Isometric training is one of the methods of developing your muscular strength. It is a form of strength-building exercise in which short bouts of maximum effort are applied to immovable resistance so that, in effect, the degree of resistance is equal to the force applied to it.
The exercises involve static contraction of a muscle group. As tension is increased, the muscle length and joint angle remain constant.
Basic Principles
-The duration of the contraction should last for ten seconds.
-One maximum contraction per day will produce only very limited effect. Several repetitions, adjusted to individual requirements and desired results, are recommended.
-Strength gain is specific to the angle of contraction. Therefore, contractions should be performed at various joint angles.
-As with isotonic exercise, isometrics should be considered only as an adjunct or complementary part of a balanced and comprehensive strength program, which would in this case also include isotonic and/or isokinetic exercise.

Source: Stokes R., Moore A.C., Moore C., Schultz S.,
"Fitness, the New Wave," Hunter Textbooks Inc., 1992


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