Volume 11, Number 12        7 December 2004

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FMPA Student Receives Award at ‘Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes’

Buket Kartal, a Music Preparatory School student at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, received an award from the European Piano Teachers Association at the fifth "Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes" competition, held in Belgium from November 25 to 28.
The Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes, organized by the European Piano Teachers Association, is one of the most prestigious music contests in Europe. This year, many young international contestants participated in the competition, which included both solo and four-hand performance categories.
A contestant in the 10-14 age group category, Kartal was the only pianist from Turkey in the competition. She played pieces by J. S. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and U.C. Erkin, and received a great deal of recognition from the jury, as well as invitations to Holland and Belgium for master classes and contests.

Judges Confident Despite Defeat

After their 106-0 defeat of Başkent the preceding week, the Bilkent Judges went into their game against the Hacettepe Red Deers this past weekend with high morale. The overwhelming victory had shown the Bilkent team's apparent ability to cope with any opponent, despite its relative lack of experienced players. But the Hacettepe game proved otherwise. The Judges went down to defeat by a score of 44-6 on their home field. The game, which lasted for three hours on a cloudy December afternoon, exposed the weaknesses of the Bilkent team's dynamics, offering a valuable lesson for use in future games.
Hacettepe, considered to be Bilkent's strongest rival in the University League, proved that they had earned every bit of their reputation. The Red Deers were in perfect condition, with a fast offense and experienced players in key positions who coordinated the team with skill. During the first quarter, the Bilkent team seemed unable to answer the press of their rivals. By the third quarter, the Judges had begun to break through their opponent's pressure, and managed to give the Red Deers some scary moments. Bilkent's adjustment to Hacettepe's tactics came too late, however, to turn the tide, even though the Judges never gave up until the last moment of the game.

Play was fair, despite occasional disputes between members of the opposing teams, perhaps not surprising in such a tough sport. Fortunately, neither team suffered serious injuries. Coach Alper Angın expressed the view from the Bilkent side following the end of play: “This was our first defeat, and we were playing our strongest opponent. We're continuing to move toward the finals.”
One area of weakness for Bilkent was a lack of support. At this game on the Judges' home field, Hacettepe fans outnumbered Bilkent supporters, boosting the Red Deers' morale throughout the contest.

Bilkenters, your team needs your support! Students, faculty and staff are urged to come out and cheer on the Judges at their next games.

(Emre Kırtunç COMD/IV)

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Ayva Cup Tournament Play: A Busy Week of Basketball

Bilkent's basketball teams played a full schedule of Avya Cup Tournament games last week, with mixed results. The men defeated Başkent, 76-72, and Sabancı, 70-52, but lost to METU, 71-60, and Koç, 60-54. Bilkent's women won handily against Sabancy, 78-31, but were defeated by METU, 55-37.
On Tuesday, November 30, in an away game against METU, the Bilkent men suffered their first loss of the season. The game started well, with Bilkent leading 38-32 at halftime. However, their attack faltered in the second half of the game. METU took full advantage of this and ended up winning by a score of 71-60. The Bilkent women's team also lost to their METU counterparts, 55-37.

The Bilkent men's team was back home at the Bilkent Sports Hall on Thursday, December 2, where they played a very competitive game against Başkent. Bilkent led by 34-25 at the end of the first half, but Başkent came on strong in the second half. With three seconds left to play, Bilkent was holding on, 63-62, when one of its players fouled an opponent. Ba?kent made one of two free throws to tie the score at 63-63 and send the game into a five-minute overtime period. With only nine seconds left to play, Osman Sezener scored to clinch the game for Bilkent, 76-72.
Over the weekend, the Bilkent teams traveled to Ystanbul to play against Sabancı and Koç. On Saturday, both men and women took the court against Sabancı in the Sabancı Sports Hall. The Bilkent women made baskets from the outset and for a time held their opponents scoreless. They won the game by a wide margin, 78-31. Bilkent's men also started out with a strong attack, led by the effective shooting of Emre Can. With fast breaks and good performances from a number of players, Bilkent gained another decisive victory, 70-52.

Points Scored - Bilkent (Women)
Mine : 4
Deniz: 6
Duygu: 18
Merve Karacaer: 6
Merve Sönmez: 6
Esin: 7
Ayşegül: 6
Nazlı: 12
Hande: 4
Nil: 9
Points Scored - Bilkent (Men)
Yiğit: 3
Başar: 12
Serter: 12
Ahmet: 3
Yusuf: 2
Emre Can: 23
Burak: 4
Deniz: 11

On Sunday, December 5, the Bilkent men played their fourth game of the week, against Koç University. The game seesawed back and forth throughout the evening. Koç had a slim lead at the end of the first period, 16-15, but Bilkent held its opponents to only 7 points in the second period and was ahead by 28-23 at halftime. However, Koç rallied in the third period to tie the game at 37-37. Both teams put on strong offensive performances in the final period, but the week's heavy schedule had evidently taken its toll on the Bilkent men. The game ended at 60-54, in favor of Koç.

Points Scored - Bilkent (Men)
Serter: 20
Osman: 2
Ahmet: 10
Emre Can: 17
Deniz: 5

Thursday, December 9,

at the Main Sports Hall
Bilkent - Hacettepe (Women): 5 p.m.
Bilkent - Hacettepe (Men): 6:30 p.m.

Anday Scholarship Awarded

The Department of Turkish Literature has awarded its second Melih Cevdet Anday scholarship to Gökhan Tunç, a student in the department's master's program. Gökhan, a published short story writer, was recognized for his excellent scholastic performance by the unanimous vote of the department's academic committee.
The scholarship was established on the occasion of the Anday Symposium held at Bilkent in December 2002. The awarding of the second Anday Scholarship was announced on November 29, 2004, the second anniversary of Melih Cevdet Anday's passing.

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