Volume 11, Number 20
28 February 2005

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Ayva Cup Basketball Tournament Ends;
Bilkent Wins Final Two Games


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1- Hacettepe
3- Bilkent
1- Hacettepe
3- Bilkent

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Seyfi Savaž, coach of the Bilkent women's team, remarked, "This tournament was a great opportunity for the students to come together in an enjoyable atmosphere of friendly competition. Now thatwe have played in a number of games since November, our team is more experienced. This has helped us move from the C into the B category of the Basketball Federation University League. I want to thank all of my players for their good performance and success in the tournament."
The Bilkent men's coach, Kašan Enyak, also had positive things to say about his team's play during the tournament. "Our team performed even better than we had expected. If we hadn’t lost some critical games, we could have come out higher in the final standings. I look forward to even better results in future Ayva Cup tournaments. I want to thank all of the players... really, they were very successful."

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