Volume 11, Number 20
28 February 2005

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This Week
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Faces on Campus


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Each of us probably stops in at Meteksan Bookstore at least once a week. There, after we do our shopping, we see two of the best-known faces on campus. Everyone should be able to guess who I'm talking about. This week's "Faces on Campus" belong to the two cashiers at Meteksan: Elif Çelik and Gülten Kalendar.
Elif Çelik started to work at Bilkent in 1998. At that time, she planned to work at Meteksan for only one month--she has now been at Bilkent for seven years. Those years have been filled with many good memories and good friendships. Some students even ask her for help with their projects after work. One of the many amusing incidents she remembers is the time a student bought so many cakes (more than 50!) in a single day that she got tired of ringing them up on the register. Not only students, but faculty members as well really appreciate her. Last Christmas, for example, a teacher brought her and her friend a present that she will never forget. Elif enjoys working at Meteksan and being part of the university. However, her dream for the future is to be a fashion designer. We will certainly miss her if she leaves Bilkent.
Her co-worker, Gülten Kalendar, came to Bilkent in 1994. She started work here at Meteksan Market, and later switched to Meteksan Bookstore. This has been her first job, and she hopes that it will be her last as well, because she really enjoys working here. In a typical day, dozens of students come to shop, and some of them often request some odd thing, like girls who ask for socks or boys who have apparently forgotten to shave and want razor blades. (There are no razor blades or socks at Meteksan Bookstore yet, but hopefully we may see them on the shelves in the future.) A few years ago, there was a student who used to come to Meteksan every day. The minute he came in the door, he would always start to shout: Is this Meteksan? Is this Meteksan? Imagine, he did it every day…well, we wish Gülten good luck with her job! And, we hope to see her at Bilkent for many more years.

Gülay Acar (COMD/II)

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