Volume 11, Number 20
28 February 2005

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This Week
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OR Club’s Branding and Advertisement Symposium Takes Place This Week

The Operational Research Club is organizing a “Branding and Advertisement” symposium, which will take place March 2-4 at C-Block Auditorium in the FEASS Building. During the symposium, representatives from brand-name product companies, advertising firms and the television industry will talk about branding and advertising. The OR Club has scheduled interesting and informative seminars, advertising presentations, and also surprise activities for the three days of the symposium.
Among the guest speakers are Kürşat Tüzmen (State Minister), Ali Taran (ATCW General Director of Advertising), Elif Güvenen (BEKO Advertising Manager), Levent Ülgen (Performing Artist), Ali Saydam (Berksoy Communications), Yiğit Yokuş (P&G), Banu Ersönmez and Alper Özbilen (P&G).
For more information, visit the club's stands around the campus this week. You can also find time and location information in the "This Week on Campus" section on Page 4.

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