Volume 11, Number 6
26 October 2004

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Fitness Tips

by Dr. Alper Uğraş

Physical Education and Sports Center

Safety Precautions for Weight Training

-Warm up properly before beginning the training program.
-Barbell plates should be properly secured to prevent slipping.
-Keep hands dry by using carbonate of magnesia.
-Use the overhand grip for overhead lifts.
-Avoid stiff leg positions when lifting weights from the floor (lower back
injuries are frequently the result of this lifting position).
-Avoid the full squat (deep knee bend) position - half knee bends
achieve good results with less chance of knee injury.
-Avoid holding breath while lifting - breathe naturally.
-Unless spotters are present, do not perform the "bench press" or other lifts.
-Avoid informal, all-out-effort lifting contests.
-The squat position is used in a number of weight-training exercises. This
position restricts the blood flow in the legs and, if combined with one or
two other factors, can cause blackout by reducing celebral blood flow.

Source: Stokes R., Moore A.C., Moore C., Schultz S.,
"Fitness, the New Wave," Hunter Textbooks Inc., 1992o

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