Volume 11, Number 6           26 October 2004

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81st Anniversary of the Turkish Republic

Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Republic Day Concert Program

Friday, October 29 at the Bilkent Concert Hall at 8 p.m.
Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
State Opera and Ballet Choir
Emil Tabakov, conductor
Feryal Türkoğlu, soprano
Şebnem Algın, mezzo-soprano
Ayhan Uştuk, tenor
Suat Arıkan, bass
Sunay Muratov, choirmaster
L.van Beethoven / Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125


BSO's New CD to Feature Erkin's Music

The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has recorded works of the Turkish composer Ulvi Cemal Erkin for a new CD. The orchestra made the recording under the direction of its music director, Emil Tabakov.
The CD is being produced with the support of the Central Bank and will be available to music lovers by the end of the year.
Renowned French pianist Jean-Philippe Collard played Erkin's Piano Concerto, which was composed for the CD.
The recording also includes Erkin's "Köçekçe" and his First Symphony. The CD is the first of a set of three discs covering Erkin’s complete symphonic works. Planned for completion in three years, the set will include performances of his Violin Concerto and Symphony Concertante for Piano and Orchestra by renowned contemporary foreign soloists.
With this recording and also a concert (given on September 30th) featuring Erkin's music, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra has taken a step forward in making the music of Turkish composers better known to the listening public. The BSO's ultimate goal is to have Turkish compositions become part of the repertoires of foreign conductors and soloists.


Also in this issue:

Election of Class Representatives in Progress

Today, Tuesday, October 26, is the second round of the elections for Class Representatives. If the cumulative votes cast yesterday and until 5 p.m. today do not reach 50% in any class of any department, the top two candidates in that class will compete tomorrow in a runoff election.

Details are at www.bilkent.edu.tr/konsey. To elect a representative for your class, vote today!M

Fazıl Say and Students to Perform in BSO UNICEF Concert

During its 2004-2005 season the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra will be performing a series of concerts with all proceeds going to UNICEF. The first concert in the series will be on Tuesday, October 26 (today) at 8 p.m. at the Bilkent Concert Hall.
Işın Metin and İbrahim Yazıcı will conduct the BSO, and Fazıl Say and his students from the Bilkent Faculty of Music and Performing Arts will appear as soloists. Fazıl Say will perform Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3. His students Emrecan Yavuz, Çağdaş Dönmezer, Beste Aydın and Cem Adrian will be performing music of Mozart, Saint-Saens, and Liszt as well as their own compositions. Tickets can be obtained from the Bilkent ticket office, DOST, ADA, Diapason, Beymen and Piramit Art Academy. For more information call ext. 1775.


Republic Run 2004

On Saturday, October 23, at 11 a.m., hundreds of people of all ages - runners, joggers and walkers - gathered outside the East Campus Sports Hall for a run celebrating the 81st anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.
The participants ran a 5-km course from the East Campus to the Main Campus. At the end of the run contestants received Bilkent t-shirts.

An awards ceremony then took place in the Main Campus Sports Hall, at which the winners received trophies.
Here is the full list of winners in all categories of the Republic Run 2004:
Women's Overall:
Yaprak Beşik
Men's Overall:
Emin Soyer
Women 11-15:
Yaprak Beşik, Cemile Karban, Özge Yırgal
Men 11-15:
Hakan Uz, Araz Akyunak, Burak Şendoğdu
Women 16-24:
Halise Irak, Aytül Demiray, Buket Ergene
Men 16-24:
Emin Soyer, Özgün Balaban, Cemil Dizman
Women 25-34:
Pernille Aridsen, Lerna Yanık, Tülay Arayıcı
Men 25-34:
Jar Zardykhan, Daniel Keen, Valerie Morkva
Women 35-44:
Mihelle Haag, Rachel Adams, Stephanie Palmer
Men 35-44:
Sergei Podbolotov, Nicolas Ricq, Hüsnü İçel
Women 45-54:
Nermin Fenmen, Aymil Doğan, Mefaret Kocatepe
Men 45-54:
Mürsel Başgül, Zeki Baran, Don Randall
Women 55-59:
Elizabeth McLean
Men 55-59:
Ed McLean
Men 60 and Over:
Himmet Umunç, Mehmet Kocatepe, Bülent Bozkurt
Guest Women:
Şermin Özyürük, Aynur Akyunak, Gülay Çörekoğlu
Guest Men:
Hugo Calderon, Cahit Töre, İsmail Ceylan

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