Volume 11, Number 6
26 October 2004

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SDCC Offers Career Preparation Group for Senior Students

Most of us think that when we start university, our life has been shaped. When we decide upon our major, we also seem to have decided upon our lifelong career. But this is not necessarily the case. And even if university life does prepare us for our eventual field of work, we might have some worries like:

-"Did I pick the right field?"
-"Am I going to be successful in this field?"
-"Am I going to find a job?"
-"Am I going to adjust to work life?"
-"Am I going to make enough money?"
-"What will happen to my friendships?"

If you have questions like these on your mind, join us for our "Career Preparation Group." Only seniors (fourth-year students) will be accepted. This group will have eight sessions and will last two months. Weekly sessions will last 1.5 hours and regular attendance is required.

You may register at the Student Development and Counseling Center until October 28. Contact Fatma Toga, ext. 1785, 1786 for appointments.

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