Volume 11, Number 9
16 November 2004

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Web Page Design Contest

The IEEE Bilkent Student Branch has announced that it is holding a web page design contest for Bilkent students. The branch invites students from all departments to submit designs. The winning page will become the web page of the IEEE Bilkent Student Branch, and will also be sent to the IEEE international web page design competition.

Today, web pages interconnect people throughout the global realm of the Internet. Companies, organizations, governmental agencies and social institutions all use web pages to describe themselves and communicate with others. The field of web page design provides imaginative designers with the opportunity to showcase their talents and earn good incomes. Since a web page is currently the fastest and most efficient way to reach large numbers of people, practicability as well as originality is important.

Bilkent faculty members will judge the designs, taking into account both creativity and practical applicability. Winners will receive prizes, and, as mentioned, the best page will go on to an international competition and will also serve as the Bilkent branch's new web page.

For more information, visit www.ieee.org/bilkent or contact bilkent@ieee.org

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