Volume 11, Number 9           16 November 2004

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Atatürk Commemorated

On Wednesday, November 10, a program in memory of Atatürk was held on campus. The program began at the Bilkent Atatürk Monument with a moment of silence, and continued with a performance by the Bilkent Youth Choir. Following the national anthem, the mini-concert included six songs.

A speech by Prof. Ylber Ortayly, "Kültür Adamy Atatürk," (Atatürk, Man of Culture) completed the program. Prof. Ortayly spoke about Turkey`s situation in the 21st century, focusing on what the country has gained and lost since Atatürk`s death. He suggested that societies progress only by observing and criticizing, and that Turkey, which has in past decades succeeded in meeting challenges far exceeding those faced by European countries, could meet further challenges in this way. He concluded by encouraging his audience to celebrate this day commemorating Atatürk with enthusiasm and good cheer.

Gülay Acar (COMD/II)


Judges Defeat Cats, 74-6

The Bilkent Judges played the opening game of their American football season against the Ankara Cats at home on the Main Campus grass field. The Judges came onto the field in their new white uniforms, which may have brought them luck. But their resounding victory was due to far more than luck. The Bilkent team's nonstop offense and effective defense won the day, with the Cats unable to answer their opponent's attacking game. The final score of 74-6 will certainly go down as one of the most memorable in Bilkent football history.
The Judges' next game will take place at 12 a.m. on Sunday, November 21 against one of the league's toughest opponents, Ba?kent. This will be an away game played on the Ba?kent University grass field, and the players hope that many Bilkenters will make the short trip down the road to support their team.
Coach Alper Angın states that he and his athletes are going into this game with a positive attitude and would like to see another high-scoring victory.
The third game of the season will be against Hacettepe, which is expected to be a contender for the league championship.
So, go Judges!

Gülay Acar (COMD/II)

You Can Order Your
2004-2005 Yearbook Now

It's yearbook time again! All Bilkent students and faculty who wish to have a yearbook and CD filled with memories of all the wonderful events that happened and the people they met can reserve a copy now.
The price of this year's yearbook and CD is 60 million TL, and the bank account for all payment is: Yapı Kredi-Bilkent 34339-2. The payment deadline is December 10. You should write your name and department on your bank receipt, and give it to the departmental yearbook committee members or Ebru Ediz.
For all those wishing to submit text, please send it to Ebru Ediz (eebru@bilkent.edu.tr) by December 10.
For further information please contact your departmental committee members or Ebru Ediz at ext. 2236.

Also in this issue:

Bilkent Basketball Beat METU

Bilkent 65 - METU 56 (Men)
Bilkent 57 - METU 55 (Women)

The Bilkent men's and women's basketball teams played their first games of the Ayva Cup Tournament on November 9 at the Main Campus Sports Hall. Both teams played against METU and won by scores of 57-55 (women) and
65-56 (men).
The women were first on the court. Bilkent scored the first points and ended the opening period up
20-10. The Bilkent women continued their strong offensive performance during the second period and led by 28-20 at halftime. METU managed to rally during the final period, and the closing moments of the game provided the most exciting play of the evening, with both teams going all out to win. But it was the Bilkent women who prevailed, hanging on to the lead for a 57-55 victory.
Basketball action continued with the men's game. Bilkent's outstanding performance in both defensive and offensive rebounds gave them a lead in the opening period. In the second half, Bilkent continued to take advantage of their opportunities with the help of fast breaks and turnovers. During the fourth quarter the Bilkent men gave the home crowd still more to cheer about, as they cruised to a 65-56 victory.
Congratulations to all of our players and many thanks to the Bilkent fans, who provided fantastic support!
We wish our team continued success in their upcoming games!

Points Scored by Bilkent players:
Volkan Çetintırnak: 5
Irmak Emekdaş: 8
Meriç Osman: 2
Serter Soner: 13
Ahmet Ünal: 8
Yusuf Altınparmak: 12
Emre Doğruyol: 4
Deniz İçmeli: 12

E. Özdoğan: 5
Ay?egül Ersan: 18
Mine Balı: 9
D. Türen: 16
Deniz Yavuzyılmaz: 9

The next scheduled games are as follows:
Thursday, November 18
at Hacettepe University Sports Hall, 4 p.m.
Thursday, November 18
at Koç University Sports Hall, 4 p.m.

Tuesday, November 23
Başkent-Bilkent (Men)
at the Ayşe Abla College Sports Hall, 5 p.m.

We invite all Bilkent students, faculty members and administrative staff to come out and support our teams.

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