Volume 12, Number 24
11 April 2006

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FADA Members Exhibit Works in Georgia as Part of Cultural Exchange

The exhibition, organized by Assist. Prof. Dominique Kassab-Tezgör and curated by Çagla Saraç from Bilkent and Nino Chogoshvili and Maya Koyava from Georgia, was a milestone in the area of cultural exchange between Turkey and Georgia and proved to be a great success.

The showing at the Tbilisi State Art Academy was only the first in a series. The exhibition will next move to Batumi, where it will be shown at the Ajara State Museum of Art. Bilkenters will then in their turn have a chance to host the Georgian academicians and see their works at the Bilkent University art gallery.

The project received important support and assistance from the Turkish ambassador in Georgia, Ertan Tezgör, and the consul general in Batumi, Evki Mütevellioğlu, as well as from the rector of the Academy, Prof. Gia Bugadze, and the dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Prof. Bülent Özgüç.

In addition to the success of the exhibit itself, the warmth of their colleagues at the Art Academy, Tbilisi's famous hospitality and the ancient beauty of the Georgian land made the trip there unforgettable for the six instructors who had the honor to represent Bilkent in Georgia.


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