Volume 12, Number 24
11 April 2006

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James D. Watson: Journey into the World of DNA

An exhibition consisting of documents pertaining to the history of molecular biology and the scientific life of James D. Watson, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who (along with his collaborator Francis Crick) is credited with determining the structure of the DNA molecule, will be opening on Wednesday, April 12 in the Bilkent Faculty of Science.

Watson, one of the most influential researchers in the short history of the field of genetics, was born in Chicago in 1928. A precocious student, he entered the University of Chicago at the age of 15. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology four years later, and went on to earn a Ph.D. in the same subject at Indiana University. (Continued)

Invitation to Nominate Your Distinguished Teacher

The Nomination process for the 2006 Distinguished Teaching Awards has started today (Tuesday, April 11). During the past nine years, Bilkent University has presented a "Distinguished Teaching Award” to a small number of faculty members each year on the basis of nominations made by students and alumni. Nominations are currently being accepted for the "Bilkent University Distinguished Teaching Award 2006."

Students are urged to nominate a faculty member (Instructor, Lecturer, Language Lecturer or Asst./Assoc./ Full Professor) whose teaching abilities they feel are worthy of special praise and recognition. All full-time academic staff members who have been teaching at Bilkent University for at least two academic years are eligible for nomination. (Continued)

New Joint Research Project Reveals Metalworking Mysteries of Anatolia’s
Bronze Age Hatti Folk

A scientific undertaking was recently launched by Prof. Hasan Erten from the Department of Chemistry and Dr. Thomas Zimmermann from the Department of Archaeology and History of Art in collaboration with Dr. Abdullah Zararsız from the Turkish State Nuclear Research and Training Center in Sarayköy and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tayfun Yıldırım from Ankara University's Faculty of Languages, History and Geography.

The project, coordinated by Dr. Zimmermann, involves analyzing metal and stone artifacts excavated in Early Bronze Age cemeteries in north central Anatolia, the Anatolian heartland (traditionally identified as "Hatti"). (Continued)



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FADA Members Exhibit Works in Georgia as Part of Cultural Exchange

Members of Bilkent's Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture have recently had the first showing of their "0004" exhibition. This is the fourth annual joint exhibition by FADA members. While the 0001, 0002 and 0003 exhibitions took place in Ankara, the 0004 exhibition opened at the Tbilisi State Art Academy in Georgia, as part of a Turkish-Georgian cultural exchange project. Fifteen members of the departments of Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Communication and Design presented their works: Alexander Djikia, Ferhan Erder, Nina Kertselli, Hayati Misman, Ahmet Özsalar, Ercan Sağlam, Ilgım Veryeri and Beata Zalevska (FA); Işık Aksoy, Marek Brzozowsky, Murat Gürzumar, Alessandro Segalini and Mariusz Sladczyk (GRA); and, Andreas Treske (COMD). (Continued)

Novelist Elif Şafak Shares Insights into Literature

"For me, literature doesn't mean talking about who I am--it means
trying to understand the human being I can't be."

Bilkent's Center for Turkish Literature played host to the brilliant young novelist Elif Safak on Wednesday, April 5. Dr. Şafak shared her personal writing journey, which she called "her literature," with Bilkent faculty members, students and guests, who filled the C-Block Auditorium.

In addition to being a novelist, Dr. Şafak is a social scientist. She graduated from the Department of International Relations at Middle East Technical University and holds an M.S. degree in Gender and Women's Studies and a Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science. (Continued)


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