Volume 12, Number 24
11 April 2006

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Attention Football Players: You May Be Tracked!

You may have seen the article in issue Number 12 of the Bilkent News about the Innovative Product Design and Development course, in which Bilkent students from different departments form groups and establish companies in order to learn about project development, management and marketing. During the two semesters of the course, each team creates its own project from start to finish, and by the end of the year has developed a marketable product.

One of the many interesting projects underway in the course is being designed and developed by a team of students who have founded a company named ETS (Electronic Tracking Solutions). Their product is a system that tracks football players during a match in order to provide an instant simulation and statistics. The system is called "FPTracker." Fatih Sinan Esen (CS) is ETS's CEO. Nuray Çekirdekçi (MAN) is the CMO, Çiğdem Aslan (MAN) is the CFO, Miray Aslan (MAN) is the COR, Umut Gülaç (EE) is the Systems Manager, and Hakan Gürel (CS) and Can Köklü (CS) are the company's Software Managers/Developers.

ETS's CEO described the system as follows: "Our product is a football player tracking system, which provides useful statistics about a game and the players in it to a team's coach. The system also visualizes players' positions and movements on the field with the use of software running on a PC, giving the coach the opportunity to observe the progress of the match as it would be seen from a point of view above the field."

The members of the company are thinking ahead. They plan to sell their system first in Turkey and then in Europe, and eventually all around the world. They have already exhibited and presented their project to the academic staff of the university at the Traders Conference. "They were interested in our project and said that it was very good. We got useful feedback, and now we have great expectations of success, especially in the Cyberpark Project Competition," said CEO Esen.

To learn more about FP Tracker, you can visit http://www.fptracker.com or email info@fptracker.com


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