Volume 12, Number 24
11 April 2006

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Traffic Orientation: First at Bilkent University

On Wednesday, April 5, an hour-long orientation program was held by the Bilkent University Traffic Committee in Room A-130 in the FEASS Building. Two members of the committee, Asst. Prof. Ömer Faruk Gençkaya from the Political Science Department and Nermin Fenmen from Computer Aided Accounting, presented a power-point show regarding traffic regulations at Bilkent University to 23 students who had failed to comply with certain traffic rules (specifically, parking regulations) on campus.

During their presentation, the committee members emphasized the fact that driving a car at Bilkent University is a privilege granted to students and that everyone should show respect on the roads. A traffic regulations booklet was handed out to students toward the end of the presentation, and in the last ten minutes, they took a mini-test measuring their knowledge of traffic rules.

Prof. İhsan Sabuncuoglu, the head of the Traffic Committee, said that the committee will be organizing orientation programs each month, which will be open to everybody.

More information on the Traffic Committee can be found at www.traffic.bilkent.edu.tr

Yesim Güvezne (POLS/III)

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