Volume 12, Number 3         27 September 2005

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"New York on Air" Moves to the Empire State Building

In 1996, Bilkent was the first university in Turkey to try out a new medium for education. To offer its students lectures given by some of the best scholars from around the world, Bilkent University initiated a video-conferencing system, which became known as "New York on Air."

The first live lecture from New York was given by Prof. Richard Clarida of Columbia University in 1996, from a studio at Rockefeller Center. The New York on Air studio was later relocated to 600 Madison Avenue, in Manhattan, and remained there until this September. Now, New York on Air has moved to larger quarters, on the 56th floor of the landmark Empire State Building. Besides hosting the studio, the New York on Air facility serves as the liaison office of Bilkent University in New York City.

On the Bilkent end, the New York on Air conference room is in the FEASS Building. This year, as in every academic year, scholars from the United States will "visit" Bilkent and interact with students through the video-conferencing hookup with New York. This semester alone, long-distance classes for seven courses, in five departments--International Relations, Economics, Computer Engineering, Communications and Design and Management--are being held there.

Bilkent is also an active member of the Global Development Learning Network. The network links universities across the globe and is being continually expanded, thus increasing educational opportunities for students.

East Campus Traffic and Timetables

It has become necessary to take action to deal with the traffic overload which has been apparent on East Campus since the start of the academic year. From Monday, September 26 the following measures will operate to alleviate the campus-based traffic congestion and its negative impact on class starting times, etc.:

* On Mondays all Prep classes will start at 9:50 a.m., as is currently the case.

* From Tuesday to Friday inclusive, the Prep program units will start at two different times in the morning, six units at 8:50 a.m. and five units at 9:50 a.m. This obviously means that finishing times will also be different. Lunch line congestion will thus be reduced as a result of this change, as lunch hours will also be different for the two timetables, i.e., six units starting lunch break at 11:40, the remaining five at 12:40.

* The campus entrance near the East Campus Sports Hall will be open in the morning from 7:45 a.m. for incoming traffic for those cars with university stickers, closing again at 5:00 p.m. This will allow many motorists to avoid the congestion caused by the joint arrival of Primary School and University traffic at the YÖK entrance.

FADA Students Win Awards

Two Bilkent FADA students, one a current student and one a 2005 graduate, have recently won awards for their creative work.

The 2005 Ritmix Creative Project competition took place from April 18-July 15. A total of 182 graphic design projects were submitted in three different categories. Bilkent Department of Graphic Design fourth-year student Gönenç Uyanık took first place in the design category with his poster "Deney."

Bilkent graduate Ayşe Karakaya (COMD/05) received a first prize at the Sixth International Altın Safran Documentary Film Festival. Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Safranbolu Municipality, the festival's aim is "to preserve our cultural heritage." Karakaya won her first prize in the "project" category. Her film project focused on a special Ottoman sword (the Yatağan Palası) that was made in the Denizli region during the 16th century.

Express Cafe Expanded

The Express Cafe has reopened with a new look and a greater choice of menu items for students. The expanded floor plan allows the café to accommodate more customers and provide them with better service. Students can listen to music or watch television while enjoying a meal or a snack during a break from classes. Plus, the café is now open until 9 p.m. With its new, larger menu and more comfortable seating area, the Express Cafe offers students a perfect place to relax over coffee or a light meal.

The Express Cafe is located on the ground floor of the FADA building.

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