Volume 12, Number 5
11 October 2005

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“Gymballs” Add a New Dimension to Exercise

You can exercise, stretch and increase flexibility with a simple fitness tool now available for use at the Physical Education and Sports Center!

As part of its continuing effort to offer you new aerobics/step programs, the Center has added "gymballs" to the range of equipment found in the Aerobics Room. These fitness balls can become part of any aerobics/step program and make it more enjoyable. They can be used in low-impact aerobic workouts, to strengthen and tone muscles or to improve balance, coordination and mobility. They can also be used as an effective cross-training tool by advanced athletes. A ball workout helps you burn off body fat at the same time as it strengthens, stabilizes and increases mobility throughout the pelvic and lower-back regions.

The Physical Education and Sports Center offers a series of aerobics/step classes, supervised by instructor Filiz Gür. These classes provide participants with an opportunity to become more active in a safe, effective and enjoyable way. In both the Student Dormitories Sports Hall and the Main Sports Hall, 30 hours of aerobic exercise courses take place each week.

The Physical Education and Sports Center can help you choose a program that suits your fitness level.

For more information about the programs available, you can visit the website www.spor.bilkent.edu.tr. Instructor Filiz Gür hopes that this fall term, everyone will become involved in these safe, enjoyable and healthy exercise and fitness activities.

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