Volume 12, Number 5
11 October 2005

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Student Council Elections

The Student Council Elections for the academic year 2005-2006 will take place according to the Election Calendar as announced in this issue of the Bilkent News.

The Student Council Regulations, the Election Calendar, the Application Form for Candidacy for Department Representation in Faculties/Schools/ Institutes and other useful information  and announcements can be accessed in the university web pages at:  http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/konsey/

Administrative Appointments for the New Academic Year

Prof. Talat Halman        Prof. Erhan Erkut

Two new administrative appointments mark the beginning of the 2005-2006 academic year.

Prof. Talat Halman, the founding Chairman of the Department of Turkish Literature and the Director of the Center for Turkish Literature at Bilkent University, and Turkey’s first Minister of Culture, has been appointed as the acting dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters.

Before coming to Bilkent on a full-time basis in 1998, Prof. Halman taught at Columbia University, Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania and served as Chairman of the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Literature at New York University. Besides publishing over fifty books in Turkish and English (including twelve volumes of his own poetry), numerous scholarly articles, and literary criticism and translations, he has received many awards throughout the course of his multifaceted career.

Prof. Halman replaces Prof. Bülent Bozkurt, who served as dean from 1986 to 2005. Prof. Bozkurt also held the position of Vice Rector for Student Affairs for the first decade of the university. (Continued)

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Bilkent-UNICEF Pakistan Earthquake Donation Campaign

This past Saturday, tragedy struck in Pakistan. A 7.6 magnitude earthquake  killed tens of thousands of people, injured many more and leveled entire towns and villages. Many of the victims were students, trapped beneath the rubble of their schools. Survivors of the earthquake are now living in the open, in desperate need of food, shelter and medical care.

This is a tragedy that we here in Turkey understand only too well. We can offer sympathy--but more than sympathy, we can offer help. Bilkent University and the Turkish National Committee of UNICEF have organized a donation campaign for the victims of the Pakistan earthquake.

Those who wish to donate may make their contributions at the stands set up in the entrances of the BCC and FEASS buildings and Bilintur Cafeteria on East Campus.

Alternatively, donations for the victims can be sent to UNICEF, İş Bankası, Çankaya branch, account no. 550000.

We thank the Bilkent community in advance for its generous response to this appeal for help.

Get Your Flu Shots Today

Dr. Jale Erten                            Dr. Ülker Türksoy

Doctors Jale Erten and Ülker Türksoy, Directors of the Health Centers on the East and Main Campuses, recommend that get your flu shots now, while you are still healthy. Although the flu vaccine cannot protect you against all types of influenza viruses, it will keep you healthier according to Drs. Erten and Türksoy.

All faculty, students and employees who would like to get a flu shot may do so at the Bilkent Health Centers. Those employees who have Anadolu Insurance will pay 70% less for their flu shot.


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