Volume 12, Number 5
11 October 2005

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Last week's column wasn't long enough to include all the types of movies there are. There are still other movies that should also be categorized....

* Movies where somebody told me the ending before I saw the film: "The Sixth Sense."

* Movies that give me insomnia: "Frankenstein," "Sow," "The Others," "The Blair Witch Project" and other freaky movies.

* Movies that have terrible subtitles: "Closer." In the DVD version, the Turkish translation was so funny that I couldn't concentrate on what was going on in the film.

* Movies that benefit from having a famous singer or celebrity in them: "Crossroads" with Britney Spears, "8 Mile" with Eminem and "The Bodyguard" with Whitney Houston.

* Movies that only girls like. Cute girls go shopping and put on makeup throughout films like "Clueless" and similar American movies related to high school issues.

* Movies that boys like. These films feature fast cars, beautiful girls and fantastic heroes that boys dream of being: "Too Fast Too Furious," "Rambo," "Rocky," "Spiderman" etc.

* Movies that I love but don't remember the names of: No example of that: )

* Movies that make me think about natural disasters or the end of the world: "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Deep Impact."

* Movies that cause me to feel depression and a high level of anger: "Requiem
for a Dream."

* Movies that I watch because everyone watches them: "Troy," "Titanic," "The Aviator" and many others.

* Movies that are surrealistic: "Vanilla Sky," "eXistenZ" and "BAY E."

* Movies that change my life: "The Butterfly Effect."

* Movies that remind me of other movies: old Turkish movies. Each of them has the same story, the same lines and the same familiar actors and actresses.

* Movies made in the US that remind me of Turkish movies: "Autumn in
New York," "Matrix" (it has similarities with Cüneyt Arkın movies) and
"Notting Hill" (a rich and famous girl falls in love with an ordinary guy).

* Movies where I wait patiently to see The End: "Closer," "Signs" and "Rounders."

* Movies that I see in my dreams afterwards: "Beetlejuice" and "The Mummy."

* Movies made in Europe. They are often very complicated and have many meaningless scenes. Art for art's sake!!

* Movies that stretch my imagination: "Hook," "The Butterfly Effect" and
"What Women Want."

* Movies that make me hungry: "Chocolate," "Kebap Connection," "La
Finestra Di Fronte" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."
That's all....I hope you like my movie categories. Don't forget, a good movie is "a movie that you can talk about." Till next week, goodbye!

Gülay Acar (COMD/III)

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