Volume 12, Number 5
11 October 2005

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When I follow a television series, my mother always starts to criticize me, saying how nonsensical the characters' lives are. I've always responded that these series are just for laughs. When I was talking with a friend about the topic for this week's column, he suggested that it would be interesting to learn what goes on behind the scenes of "Desperate Housewives." However, I had another aspect of this series in mind: DO YOU THINK THAT THEY'RE DESPERATE?

From the first episode to the last, the series has been very interesting and appealing to both women and men. For those who haven't watched the show, it's narrated by a housewife who commits suicide in the first episode. The following episodes are about the lives and adventures of four different housewives, who are neighbors and also friends. These women live through a number of "desperate" situations that are, in my opinion, everyday problems. I don't think that they're really desperate--actually, they make own their lives desperate. The problems they have come from their sarcastic, pessimistic views. While there are so many women in the world who don't even have the right to express themselves, I don't think it's fair to call these women desperate. They sit at home all day, have time to spend with their families and live in nice houses, but still don't have real happiness. Can't they see how lucky they are?

When I was living with my family, I was only able to be with them four or five hours a day, that is, when they weren't traveling the world due to their work. In addition, of course I had to study, which minimized the time to only one hour. Besides her job, my mother also had to take care of us and the house, with some help from my father. This the situation a working woman faces.

Still, I don't think my mother is desperate, because she was able to raise her children much better than those "desperate" women on the show.

Then, there are women in many parts of the world whose social status is to be non-existent. They're just objects, used by their husbands to feed them, clean their houses and look after their children, according to the customs of their societies. There are woman who have to struggle against everything: poverty, war, violence.... While real women have so many difficulties, I suggest that people who consider the housewives on the show desperate think about about what being desperate really is.

In short, the show gives you a chance to laugh, but please don't pity the characters.
Have a nice week....

Sıla Türkü Kural (EE/III)

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