Volume 12, Number 6
18 October 2005

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Tennis for Fun and Fitness

Dr. Alper Uğraş, Bilkent Tennis Program Director and USPTR (United States Professional Tennis Registry) Instructor, spends a large amount of time on the courts, teaching the sport that he has been playing since 1979. He has served as Assistant Athletic Director at the Bilkent University Physical Education and Sports Center since 1996.

Uğraş notes that tennis is quite popular at Bilkent. "Students are extremely interested in tennis, and many take credit or non-credit tennis courses. These courses not only focus on the theory of the game but also on the idea that tennis should be fun! The main aim of the courses is to instill in students the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through sports," said Uğraş. He also suggests that students should enroll in at least one accredited sports course during their time at Bilkent.

Bilkent has three outdoor courts available, one on East Campus and two on Main, plus an indoor court on Main. Too cold to play outdoors in the winter? How about taking advantage of these indoor courts! Right next to the dormitories on Main Campus, the covered and heated courts offer a perfect environment to play, from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. All you need to do is call ext. 1993 or ext. 1325 to reserve a court. Have fun!

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