Volume 12, Number 6
18 October 2005

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In one of the episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond," Raymond has to make a speech at his brother's wedding. His speech is about editing out the bad memories and keeping the good ones.

Each morning we wake up and start a new day. We do our daily work. While we’re doing the same stuff every day, different events occur. Some of them are bad and some of them are good. Usually, we keep the good ones and edit out the bad ones by mentally "erasing" them. This means that our lives are filled with editing.

I think that people who are usually happy apply this secret rule to their lives. They keep the good experiences and use the bad ones only as a way to keep from making the same mistakes in the future.

When people think that their lives are very boring, you can see that they're doing their editing wrong. They're not able to see the good sides of their lives. Every day each of us complains about life as a university student, but just think what it would be like if you didn't have anything to do. I hear you saying "yeah, sure," but in reality, everyone knows that they would get very bored and that the university's positive effects on our lives would be lost.

When these years have passed by and each of us has gotten older, some of us will remember all the rushing to get assignments done, all the nights without sleep, with very positive nostalgia, and will realize that these days have passed too fast. Others will think that all they've done is survive several very demanding and difficult years--they won't even want to remember their time at the university. This shows the difference between a good and a bad editor of life.

If we always see only the negative side, we actually lose the small but good details. I know it's sometimes impossible to avoid remembering the bad things or just being generally pessimistic. But if we let this take over our minds, our lives start to become very hopeless. If we simply try to find the good things, which are in fact part of reality, we win. We become happier and more positive.
So, good editing every day, and don't forget, keep the good ones :)


Sıla Türkü Kural (EE/III)

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